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metallic gold temporary tattoo

Free Metallic Gold Temporary Kapuluan Tattoos in Every Order!

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Until further notice, all Kapuluan orders will include a set of Metallic Gold Temporary Tattoos.

For every purchase of Kapuluan comes a metallic tattoo
All Kapuluan orders will include a set of Metallic Gold Temporary Tattoos
Beautiful Kapuluan Metallic Tattoo

In our first year, we didn’t include any marketing materials or inserts with our products, mainly because we didn’t want to produce unnecessary waste. It is important to Kapuluan that we keep a low carbon footprint, with a goal of having a positive carbon footprint facilitated by our One for One Tree Planting Program. So, when we make decisions we consider the impact beyond sales and dollar figures.

We’re headed into our second year and we’ve decided to keep a similar strategy, however, with each order we are going to offer a beautiful set of Metallic Tattoos we’ve had custom made for Kapuluan. Each Tattoo sheet includes our symbolic palm tree along with pineapples, arrows, geometric shapes and other icons.

What’s driving the decision to offer Metallic Tattoos?

Using the metallic gold temporary tattoos, our priority is to raise awareness for our One for One Tree Planting Initiative in The Philippines. When Kapuluan Coconut was founded, our primary objective was to help Filipino coconut farmers recover from the destruction of Typhoon Haiyan, which destroyed over 33 million coconut trees in a region that was already overwhelmed with extreme poverty and severe exploitation.

But over the past year, our mission has grown into an overall objective to help improve the livelihood of coconut farming communities.

What we realized along the way is that the coconut tree takes 7 years to produce fruit once it is planted. To most people, this may seem like a long time, but not really a big deal. However, in a region crippled by poverty, time means everything.

Coconut farmers often face a daily question that would tear most of us apart – How am I going to feed my family today?

Coconut farmers simply cannot afford to wait 7 years to benefit from their time; they cannot put off a chance to earn an income to plant or care for coconut trees. This is partially why we expanded our mission to help beyond tree planting, but it is also why our tree planting initiative is still such an important aspect of our mission.

Sustainability is crucial for the future of coconut farming communities. But it is also crucial for the future supply of coconut. In the case of sustainability problems, or supply shortages, market conditions may make coconut products hard to come by, or at the very least, very costly.

The added benefit of planting trees may be the most important factor of all; assisting in the fight against global warming. The more product we sell the more trees we plant. The more trees we plant, the more we impact global warming in a positive way. It’s that simple.

Post your photos of the Kapuluan Metallic Gold Temporary Tattoos to Instagram and label #palmsforph – For each photo posted we’ll plant a coconut palm tree in The Philippines.

That means you can plant as many trees as you’d like!

***BONUS*** Get additional entries into our draw to Win a Year Supply of Kapuluan Raw Organic Coconut Oil by posting your Metallic Tattoo photos!

All Kapuluan orders will include a set of Metallic Gold Temporary Tattoos
Get a free metallic gold tattoo for every purchase of Kapuluan
For every purchase of Kapuluan comes a metallic tattoo
Beautiful Kapuluan Metallic Tattoo


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