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Introducing Limited Edition Kapuluan Turkish Beach Towels

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will lauder

We were at Berawa Beach in Canggu Bali when we saw this really nice beach towel and had to ask about it.

We had been traveling for months with nothing but 2 backpacks and 2 surfboards. Minimalism and traveling light was important to us. Being in the tropics and in the water all day, hopping from beach to beach via our shaky moped, a towel was part of the essentials.

We both used microfiber towels that were supposed to dry quickly and never smell. But in the tropics, they didn’t work like that. They would get musty and smell quickly. But we used them because they were light and packed up small.

But then we found Lualoha. We reached out to them right away and asked where we could get one. Ideally, there were a few floating around Bali looking for photo shoots, and we managed to snag a few. 2 Years later, in Panama, with Lualoha turkish towels in hand, we decided we needed one of our own.

We LOVE these Turkish towels. They are beautiful, light, and they dry quickly. They are an absolute must for resort season, vacations, beach days, vagabonds and tumbleweeds, gypsies, surfers, kids, whatever.

So, we’re excited to release 100 of these signature limited edition Kapuluan X Lualoha towels. They are available with one 3.38oz tube and one 0.88oz tube for $40, or complimentary when you spend over $70 on KapuluanCoconut.com



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