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kapuluan at urban outfitters

Kapuluan Coconut Oil Available at Urban Outfitters

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Kapuluan Coconut Announces Retail Distribution with Urban Outfitters

BALI APRIL 25 2016 // Urban Outfitters is the latest retailer to carry Kapuluan Coconut Oil; the nectar of tropical island gods.

Urban Outfitters will be one of the few retailers carrying Kapuluan’s new size – a 3.4oz / 100ml carry-on friendly travel tube of The Finest Quality Coconut Oil.

Coconut oil is the oil of Kings and Queens, a dream cream, a soothing salve on irritated skin. Coconut oil is a minimalist’s magic bullet, the ultimate balm for radiant skin, hair, teeth and nails. Coconut oil is a panacea.

Kapuluan Coconut Oil offers coconut oil excellence: truly raw, unrefined and harvested sustainably, and poured into a unique delivery system that takes application to an entirely new level. The perfect compliment to a Nasty Gal bikini, a bohemian blanket, and a trip to the beach.

Purity and packaging aside, what truly makes Kapuluan Coconut unique is that it is a hero (product) with a mission: it serves as a foundation to improve the livelihood of impoverished farming communities in the Philippines where over 60% of farmers live in extreme poverty.

It’s no secret that coconut oil has been one of the hottest trends of the past few years. Everyone and their dog (literally) has been getting in on the super product. But few realize the effect on the island communities in which coconut is a way of life.

Kapuluan is currently working on empowering partnerships with rural coconut farmers, providing tools and training to create higher value for their resource. As well, for every item sold, Kapuluan plants a coconut palm tree in the Philippines. These new palm trees improve crop production and sustainability while supporting the antidote to global warming.

Kapuluan Raw Organic Coconut Oil is available worldwide at Urban Outfitters for $18 USD.


Kapuluan Coconut Oil is 100% Organic and made from only the freshest coconuts which are sourced from rural, organic farms in the Philippines. All natural with a wide range of health and skincare benefits, Kapuluan coconut oil is pure, and exceptionally high grade for beauty and Personal Care. Silky smooth with a beautiful subtle coconut aroma, the oil absorbs quickly and is highly moisturizing, while rich in nourishing Vitamin E and antioxidants. Kapuluan is naturally wet and cold pressed with no heat, resulting in the finest quality coconut oil which meets raw food standards, and contains all essential nutrients.



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