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Kapuluan Coconut Announces Worldwide Shipping

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will lauder

Since we launched last year, we’ve had a tremendous amount of support from all over the world. With that support we’ve also had ongoing and increasing demand for Kapuluan Coconut worldwide shipping. Demand started in Canada (the birth country of our founder, Will Lauder) and it has spread to South America, Europe, the middle east, and of course, the Philippines, where our tree planting and coconut farmer projects are taking place.
We’ve been working tirelessly to grow our brand to the point in which we were able to expand our operations, and handle our own fulfillment. Today, we’re really excited to announce that, thanks to the support of our customers and loyal followers, we’re now shipping worldwide!

Now that we have our own fulfillment set up, our next step is to customize and improve our packing and shipping process. One of the main priorities is cutting out the plastic bags we’ve had to ship our products in, and replacing them with recycled paper and cardboard. We’ll also be rolling our glass jars of our coconut oil, as well as a few new products we’re working on!

All of our subscribers will be receiving a worldwide shipping coupon later this week, so keep an eye on your inboxes, and if you’re not subscribed, sign up below so you don’t miss out!



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