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dme coconut oil

DME Coconut Oil, Handmade & Zero Waste

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will lauder

DME (Handmade) coconut oil was invented to get away from industrial agriculture and implement coconut production in rural farming communities, creating opportunity for small-scale farmers. Farmers who are often exploited, and left at the very end of the value chain in the coconut market. Farmers of whom 60% live in extreme poverty.

Not only is DME  coconut oil produced in rural villages on far away islands in a way that empowers the small coconut farming communities, it is the finest quality coconut oil in the world.

The DME process uses no large machinery, no fuels, no energy, and no resources other than the one and only coconut. The system uses a manually operated cold-pressing unit to produce raw oil from fresh coconuts, and it takes less than an hour. Often in as little as 20 minutes, freshly harvested coconuts are made into The Finest Quality Raw hand-pressed Coconut Oil. This is the fastest technology in the world, and produces the freshest coconut oil in the world.

As a huge added bonus, DME production allows for every part of the coconut to be used, creating “downstream products” and additional income streams for farming communities. One of the biggest benefits is the opportunity created for women.

The overall benefits of implementing a zero-waste policy and making use of the entire coconut is that it really assists in creating opportunities for the entire community, while increasing trade and supporting community development.

One of Kapuluan's advocacy is to help the farming communities in the Philippines



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